Abstracts of the articles  United solution of GR gravitational field equations and thermodynamics equations for ideal liquid in the state of its thermal equilibrium (Verification of physical unrealizability of singularities) The united solution of equations of GR and thermodynamics for ideal liquid, which has topology of hollow body, is examined. Spatial distributions of all main thermodynamical and gravithermodynamical parameters and characteristics of ideal liquid are obtained. It is shown that these parameters and characteristics take on principally unreachable for them values on the singular surface. This denotes physical unrealizability of gravitational singularities. The value of Schwarzschild radial coordinate of median singular surface, which separate antimatter from matter, is derived.  United nature of thermodynamic and gravitational properties of matter (Introduction to Gravithermodynamics) Equations of thermal state of matter, which satisfy Tolman condition for thermal equilibrium in spatially inhomogeneous equilibrium states of matter and guarantee the possibility of adiabatic cooling-down of this matter in the early Universe uniformly filled by it, are examined. It is shown that all thermodynamic parameters and characteristics of such matter are determined or interconnected by the relations, which includes gravitational constant, as well as cosmological constant l (or Hubble constant that is determined by it). This denotes the thermodynamic nature of both gravitational field inside of matter and the phenomenon of Universe expansion.  Relativistic generalization of thermodynamics with strictly extensive molar volume Main differential equations of relativistic thermodynamics in contravariant and covariant representations are examined. The simplified form of equations of relativistic thermodynamics is proposed. This form guarantees taking into account gravity influence on matter without use of any complex mathematical apparatus of general relativity. The ... Читать далее
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